photo credit: Clare Hoare

…In music, when you do something new, something original, you’re an amateur. Your imitators – these are the professionals. Morton Feldman.

Counterflows is a contemporary music festival produced by AC Projects & OtoProjects and curated by Alasdair Campbell & Fielding Hope. It has been devised as a collaboration between two organisations committed to promoting challenging and thought provoking work in the context of what might be called the experimental music scene, looking at marginal music practice within an extensive list of music genres: Free Jazz, electronica, psychedelic pop, drone, hypno-psych voodoo groove, industrial, installation, anachronistic-fieldrecordings, song, non-systematic classical, folk, etc etc.

Held in April, Counterflows also promotes gigs and events during the year. The festival is about exploration and collaboration and investigates networks of artists, audiences and producers internationally and locally who share an adventurous outlook to the arts and are willing to participate and examine different practices and methods with the goal of creating new experiences within music and the arts.

Counterflows explores the nuances in contemporary experimental music making by bringing together artists from across the world to perform and exchange ideas with local practitioners and audiences.

Counterflows explores cultural differences and influences in music and the arts and encourages exchange of ideas and shared knowledge.

Counterflows is not prejudiced to one area of the Arts but seeks to explore links between disciplines. Although primarily involved in the creation of new music experiences for audiences and artists alike, Counterflows will engage various practices across art forms. Counterflows will work with artists that cross genre boundaries.

Alasdair Campbell (AC Projects) & co-curator Fielding Hope (Cry Parrot) along with Hamish Dunbar (Oto Projects) are committed to providing a platform for cutting edge music in the UK. Their tireless work over the last 10 years in importing internationally acclaimed artists and nurturing home grown talent has enabled seminal work to be staged in both Scotland and England.

Counterflows is committed to developing a platform for the thriving music scene in Glasgow by producing a festival of the highest artistic quality that will give focus to the myriad of projects that are being created but will benefit from the development of a sustainable network through Counterflows.