Still House Plants album launch show + Ailie Ormston + Tom Mudd


19 April 2024


Fairfield Working Men’s Club, 205 Crossloan Rd, G51 3QD



There might be no Counterflows Festival this year, but we’re super pleased to announce this special show for one of our long-term Counterflows friends: the mighty Still House Plants!

Opening for them on the night will be Ailie Ormston, who will be presenting new work for guitar, cello, electronics and double bass. And Tom Mudd, who will present his recent Guitar Cultures work, which was a big favourite of ours in 2023.

The show takes place on the 19th of April at Fairfield Working Men’s Club (205 Crossloan Rd, Govan, Glasgow G51 3QD). Please scroll to the bottom of the page for full access information.

Tickets are on sale now.

Many will remember Still House Plants’ first time on the Counterflows Festival stage back in 2016. Since then its been a joy seeing them going from strength to strength; touring the world and releasing a slew of great records.

This show welcomes co-incides with the launch of their new album ‘If I don’t make it, I love u’, the fullest embodiment of their songs to date. Where Fast Edit formed with quick attachment and jump cuts, ‘If I don’t make it’ is shaped by persistence – a staying with that makes the music solid, warmer, accepted.

Marking the trios’ decade of friendship and written whilst living in the same city for the first time since Assemblages, the band rehearsed this record relentlessly for shows that never happened, in a space now disappeared. Playing for nobody except themselves consistently built support for one another, and grew the way they played. Jess’ voice is deeper. Fin’s guitar is full size, richer. David drums harder. Focused on one point together, everyone is bigger and nothing falls apart. The guitar and the drums blend, raise the voice, make room for what is being said, what is felt.

When able to finally record, production allowed layers, gave elasticity, a chance to fully stretch. Playing with length and connections, the band brought in analogue techniques – a Lesley cabinet on ‘Headlight’, sidechaining the snare with the guitar, pushing vocals through cheap DJ software – each process an attempt to bring one instrument closer to another, give bass, body, backup. ‘If I don’t make it, I love u’ seeks beauty, holds feeling maximum, and builds surety with its sound. The most generous SHP record to date, the music is wide open, demands less. Play it again, it will come clear.






Fairfield (working men’s) club is in Govan which is about a 9- minute drive from Glasgow central and is accessible from town from the A814 which connects to Argyll Street. The journey there is mostly a straight line by car from town.

From the west end, you can get there by driving from Dumbarton Road onto the A739, through the Clyde tunnel and toward Crossloans road.

From the southside, head toward Dumbreck road, continue onto B778 following Dumbreck road. Use 1st exit at roundabout toward Edmonson drive and onto Crossloans road.


The nearest bus stops are directly outside the path that leads up to the venue on Crossloans road on either side of the road.

The X19 and 3 will take you from town if you head in the direction of the Govan bus interchange. The bus will take you directly outside the venue.

From the southside, you can get to the venue on the number 3 which similarly takes you outside the venue.

From the west end, you can get either the 77 which takes you a 10- minute walk from the venue or the number 3 which takes you 5 minutes from the venue.


The nearest subway station is Govan.

This station is wheelchair accessible however all inbound stations are not wheelchair accessible besides St Enoch. The journey from the station to the venue takes around 14 minutes at a leisurely pace.


There is limited parking directly outside the venue in front of the Fairfield club sign which can be accessed off Crossloans road

If you are at the venue and need a staff member to call a taxi for you or help you order a taxi, please speak to someone who is described as below in the staff section. We recommend Glasgow Taxis, their phone number is: 0141 429 7070


This event will be supported by two staff teams, one from the venue and one from Counterflows Festival. Fairfield mens club staff wear their own clothes. Counterflows Staff and Volunteers wear black t- shirts with a Counterflows 2023 design on them:

The staff will be scattered around the venue and will be present to
assist with opening doors, finding a seat and any other support
requests you have.


The main entrance is down a small flat path off Crossloans road beside a car wash. The main entrance is below club’s sign a

The entrance is step-free however the path leading up to the front door has a slight gradient.

Tickets will be checked at the door by a staff member. You can
provide either digital tickets on your phone or a paper print out

The front entrance is pictured in the following slide.


There are simple seats with no arms and basic padding as well as booths that might be more comfortable for those that would benefit from additional chair support


Fairfield (working men’s) Club operates as both a member’s only club and hosts a whole array of different concerts and occasionally arts events.

While the venue typically operates as a working mens club, events hosted by Counterflows are open to people of all gender identities and expressions. Equally the venue regularly hosts events that are open to all.

There is a bar beside the entrance/fire exit that faces out to the
seating area.


We will be installing gender neutral toilets in the space. There is a disabled bathroom too.

People should use whichever bathroom they feel the most comfortable using, if anyone has any questions concerning bathroom accessibility that hasn’t been covered then you can grab one of the Counterflows staff.


– You can leave and re-enter the space at any time during the performances. The performances will be in the performance area.

– Lights will be on before and after each performance, but there will be less lighting and dedicated stage lighting during the performances.

– Caregivers are more than welcome to attend this event, but afraid this event will not be suitable for children.

– Each act will be performing at a fairly loud volume throughout the event.

– The music explored throughout the night will range from experimental, orchestral, cello, double bass and music generated using computers. We think the music should be manageable for those with sensory sensitivities however should the music gets too intense then feel free to alert one of the Counterflows staff who can take you outside for some air.


– Fire exits are marked with lit-up green emergency signage. Staff will guide you out of the building.

– Please contact Counterflows through the contact channels below if you would like to discuss this before attending.

– The main exit is down four steps and the additional exit at the back of the main performance hall is down eight steps.


– If there is an access barrier that we have not covered in this document, please let us know as we strive to make everyone welcome at our events. We are happy to try and provide solutions to any access barriers that may stop you from attending an event in person if you want to be there. If you would like to contact us for a chat or to share any access requirements, please call or email us.

– If you would like to discuss any access related concerns or questions you have please contact Counterflows by phone or email.

Email: counterflows@gmail.com
Phone: 07939607934
If no one answers please… leave a message counterflows@gmail.com

– If you are having any issues finding your way to the hall, feel free to contact Dill on 07340058607 or at dill@ponyboy.uk and provide your location and mode of transport. They will then forward directions over to either your email or phone.