A Change for Counterflows Festival 2024

Hello from Counterflows HQ!

After 13 years of Counterflows we feel it is time to secure our future and embrace a new model that allows us the finances and resources we need to do what we do and do it better.

With that in mind, we have decided to apply for transitional funding in 2024, which will hopefully take us to a new sustainable structure by 2025, receiving the multi-year funding we need to make Counterflows and AC Projects work. This unfortunately does mean there will be no Counterflows Festival in 2024, but if we are successful with our funding bid, we plan instead to announce a set of new shows and projects in 2024.

On top of this we’ll be revealing our Counterflows archive project, which will be launched later this year.

With everything going to plan, the festival will be back in 2025. Wish us luck, and hopefully see you all on the other side.

— Counterflows Team