In addition to the production and delivery of Counterflows festival AC Projects, our parent company, develops projects that are linked to Counterflows but also stand outside the festival. An example of this was A Carnatic Paradigm, developed in collaboration with Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, Nandini Muthuswamy and Nakul Krishnamurthy. We will share these projects as they develop on the Counterflows website. The latest project is Thanh Canh (Sound & Landscape) developed with our partners in Hanoi, Vietnam, Len Ngan where two Scottish artists have teamed up with 4 artists from Vietnam to explore traditions and reflect on where they sit in the context of experimental contemporary music. Thanh Cahn is being developed as part of British Councils’ UK/Vietnam 2022-23 Season. We have also created two new podcasts from our project Ghost Tunes after our residency in Freemantle Western Australia.


Ghost Tunes

In 2021 Counterflows Festival commissioned musicians and writers from across Scotland and Australia to explore the intersections between language, landscape and culture through music. The resulting collaboration has brought about a publication, conceptual album, exhibition, two part podcast series and a residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia.

Theresa Sainty
Madeleine Flynn + Tim Humphrey
Cass Ezeji
Cass Lynch
Mei Swan Lim
Josie Vallely
Manning Park, Fremantle WA credit - Emmie McLuskey

Thanh Cảnh (Sound & Landscape)

At the start of this year we partnered with Hanoi based organisation Lên Ngàn to deliver an exciting new project titled Thanh Cảnh (Sound & Landscape). Thanh Cảnh brought together artists from Scotland and Vietnam to explore sound’s relationship to land, language and tradition. As part of a two phase project in Vietnam, we invited […]

Inge Thomson
Sholto Dobie
Nguyễn Bảo Trung (Trung Bảo)
Lương Minh (Lương Ngọc Minh)
Ly Mí Cường
Trần Hoài Anh
Ha Giang mountains by Lên Ngàn

Music Space Bursary Programme 2022–3

Music Space is a new year-long bursary programme produced by Counterflows which launched in March 2022. It has been set up for young people (18–24) who are based in Glasgow, and who are interested in exploring sound and music. From 2022–23 there are two bursaries available. The programme will be shaped by the recipients and […]