In addition to the production and delivery of Counterflows AC Projects, our parent company, develops projects that are linked to Counterflows but also stand outside the festival. An example of this was A Carnatic Paradigm, developed in collaboration with Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, Nandini Muthuswamy and Nakul Krishnamurthy. We will share these projects as they develop on the Counterflows website. Ghost Tunes is the latest project being developed as part of British Councils’ UK/AU 2021-22 Season.

Leafless tree in front of snow covered hill with blue sky. A sense of isolation and change.


Ghost Tunes

Ghost Tunes is an expanded concept album created by sound artists and writers from Australia and Scotland. Ghost Tunes considers the physical world as cultural swales and swirls around language, time and ecologies. Read more


Cass Ezeji
Cass Lynch
Josie Vallely
Madeleine Flynn + Tim Humphrey
Mei Swan Lim


Counterflows 2021 Tape & Zine