Counterflows Festival has been showcasing new and experimental music practices for over 10 years. In some ways we have always thought that what happens each year passes into memory but really it is important to have some lasting document to the amazing performances, commissions, projects, artists and audiences that have been so important to building what Counterflows is. We have started to put together our past festivals here on our website. It is a big task but we will make our way slowly through the years and present them as part of the Counterflows archive.

Counterflows 2023

April 6 – April 9

Now the dust has settled a bit, a resounding thank you to everyone who joined us for Counterflows Festival 2023 Together the artists, audience and staff made a very special space to engage with what took place over the weekend. Read more

Counterflows 2022

March 31 – April 3

Counterflows Festival 2022 emerges from the darkness of the last couple of years, refreshed and excited by the idea of live music. Join us for a programme of live music, discussions, club nights and hanging out, spread across 4 days in some of Glasgow’s most interesting venues. Read more

Counterflows 2021

April 1 – April 30

The 10th edition of Counterflows offers a new way to explore artists’ work.  A temporary online space featuring new works by a host of local and international artists working across sound, film, text, illustration and at new intersections between, all accessible freely at this site from April 1 and throughout the month. Read more