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Ghost Tunes Album & Publication

Ghost Tunes is a collaborative arts project exploring language, landscape and culture across Scotland and Australia with contributions from Cass Ezeji, Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey, Theresa Sainty, Quinie (Josie Vallely), Cass Lynch and Mei Swan Lim.

Through a series of mutual exchanges and learnings, the artists created works that became a full length album and publication that was launched as part of Counterflows 2022. Here you can listen to the album and read through different chapters of the zine including interviews, poetry and research that informed the tracks.

With special thanks to all the artists, Oliver Pitt for his design work and photography, Arnold De Boer, Lucy Wright, David Donaldson, Bidiya Noel Nannup, Lola McDowell and Richard McDowell for the contributions to the research, Oli Barrett for mastering the tracks, Good Press for the printing, Grace Wright for the proofreading and Simon Worthington for the furniture design and manufacturing.

Ghost Tunes is produced by AC Projects and is supported by the UK/Australia Season Patrons Board, the British Council and the Australian Government as part of the UK/Australia Season and the Creative Scotland Open Project Fund.


Ghost Tunes CD

Sae Aye
Quinie (Josie Vallely)
Milaythina Tunapri (Country Remembers) 1
Theresa Sainty
Tìr nam beinn Guyana
Cass Ezeji
Extractions 1
Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Birak 1
Cass Lynch & Mei Swan Lim
Birak 2
Cass Lynch & Mei Swan Lim
Birak 3
Cass Lynch & Mei Swan Lim
Birak 4
Cass Lynch & Mei Swan Lim
Cass Ezeji
Extractions 2
Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Milaythina Tunapri (Country Remembers) 2
Theresa Sainty
Psalm 139
Cass Ezeji
Ee-ow Eh Kui
Mei Swan Lim
Hungry Ghosts
Mei Swan Lim
Extractions 3
Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Son of the Poor Man
Cass Ezeji
Extractions 4
Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Milaythina Tunapri (Country Remembers) 3
Theresa Sainty

Released April 2022 as part of Counterflows Festival. All copyright resides with the artists.

Cass Ezeji credits: Tìr nam beinn Guyana is an adaptation of the traditional Gaelic love song ‘An tèid thu leam a Mhàiri?’ by Iseabail NicAsgaill. My rewritten lyrics make reference to the colonial past of the Gàidhealtachd and reimagines the circumstances between the two protagonists.

Madeleine & Tim Credits: Lee Morgan & Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation, Joseph Norster and Millie Cattlin from The Quarry, Gadubanud Country. Thor Macintyre Burnie and Professor Raoul Mulder for their insights into human impacts on bird song. Live on-site ambisonic recordings of Moog Sub-phatty, Trumpet, Birds, Frogs and other creatures .

Theresa Sainty credits: Recorded during a session in Janaury 2021. Writer and director Theresa Sainty, vocalist Daisy Allan, Producer Alison Wilkes and recording engineer Jack McLaine. Commissioned by MONA FOMA for relay/country remembers her name with Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey. Theresa Sainty Writer/director Daisy Allan Vocalist  Jack McLaine Recording engineer

Sae aye: With thanks to Arnold De Boer and Stevie Jones.

Cass & Mei: Audio interview snippets by Lola McDowell and Richard McDowell. Printed interview snippets by Noel Nannup, Lola McDowell and Richard McDowell. Poem performed in Noongar and English by Cass Lynch. Soundscape, music and recordings by Mei Swan Lim.

Psalm 139 is from the sermons of the Free Church of Scotland, introduced to me by playwright Elspeth Turner. There are various versions of Psalm 139, including to the tune of Walsal which can be listened to on the Tobair an Dualchais online archives.

Mei: Poem performed by Li Cheng Lim, translated by Hoc Hoe Tan.


Ghost Tunes Publication

Commission Credits

Mastered by
Oli Barret
Oliver Pitt
CD production
John Garrad/ Akcentmedia

Ghost Tunes (Australia/Scotland)

Ghost Tunes is an expanded concept album created by artists working with sound and writing from Australia and Scotland. Ghost Tunes considers the physical world as cultural swales and swirls around language, time and ecologies. Read more

Mei Swan Lim (Australia)

Mei Swan Lim is a practicing sound designer and visual artist whose work centres on the environmental, emotional and spiritual importance of place, inter-cultural investigation and storytelling. She is also an electronic musician who has been performing and writing under the name Mei Saraswati since 2010. Read more

Cass Lynch (Boorloo/Perth, Australia)

Cass Lynch is a writer and researcher living in Boorloo/Perth, Western Australia. She has recently completed a creative writing PhD that explores deep memory features of the Noongar oral storytelling tradition; in particular stories that reference the last ice age and the rise in sea level that followed it. Read more

Madeleine Flynn + Tim Humphrey (Australia)

Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey are Australian artists who create unexpected situations for listening. Their work is driven by a curiosity and questioning about sound in human culture and seeks to evolve and engage with new processes and audiences, through public and participative interventions. Read more

Cass Ezeji (Scotland)

Cass Ezeji is a singer and performer of critically-acclaimed bands Laps and Golden Teacher. She is interested in Scotland’s role in colonialism and its erasure from our national psyche. Her essays and prose reinsert black and mixed-race narratives into the Scottish context and call for accountability. Read more

Josie Vallely (Scotland)

Quinie, aka Josie Vallely, is based in Glasgow. She sings primarily in Scots, with a style inspired by the traditions of Scottish Traveller singers Lizzie Higgins (1929-1993) and her mother Jeannie Robertson (1908 –1975). Read more