VENUE — Counterflows 2023

The Pyramid

759 Argyle St, G3 8DS

The Pyramid

How to get here

The Pyramid is on a fairly busy road in a residential area. There are drop curbs in the surrounding area and the pavements are fairly narrow. The entrance is slightly set back from the pavement.


The nearest bus stop is Elderslie Street and the buses that stop here are 2 and N2. The journey from the stop to the station is around 5 minutes at a leisurely pace.

Train and Subway

The nearest train station is Anderston which is around a 6 minute journey from the venue at a leisurely pace. This station is not step-free, there is a flight of steps with no elevator and a lift which is either out of order or no longer in use. There are no subway stations close to this venue.


There is on-street parking outside the venue on Argyle Street.  If you are at the venue and need a staff member to call a taxi for you or help you order a taxi please speak to someone who is described as below in the staff section. We recommend Glasgow Taxis, their phone number is: 0141 429 7070.


From the M8 take Junction 13 into Anderston. There is on-street parking outside the venue on Argyle Street.


This event will be supported by two staff teams, one from the venue and one from Counterflows Festival. Pyramid staff wear their own clothes with lanyards and sometimes hi-vis vests or jackets. Counterflows Staff and Volunteers wear black t-shirts with a Counterflows 2023 design on them:

The staff will be scattered around the venue and will be present to assist with opening doors, using the lift, finding a seat and any other support requests you have.

Building Main Entrance

The main entrance is step free and through non automated double doors. The doors will either be propped open or there will be staff to open them for you if needed. The main entrance leads to a foyer where there is some seating and a reception.

Getting to the performance hall

Getting to the performance hall from the main entrance

The main performance hall is on the first floor and can be accessed by a platform lift or one split staircase. Both the lift and stairs are around the corner to the right from the main entrance.

The step-free access to the main hall is via the platform lift which needs to be operated by a member of staff. Please contact the venue beforehand to let them know you are coming if you require step-free access using the contacts section below.

The staircase is split with ten steps, a landing and ten more steps, twenty steps in total. The stairway is wide with a bannister either side as well as a central bannister running down the middle.


The hall is a large room with a high pyramid ceiling, wooden beams and pale stained glass windows throughout and a slightly raised stage area.


The seating options available are loose chairs with padded seats, hard backs and no arms or loose chairs with padded seats and hard backs and wooden arms or loose chairs with padded seats and padded backs with wooden arms.


There are toilets on both the ground and first floor. The ground floor toilets are through the small sports hall double doors. There is an accessible toilet as well as individual non-gendered toilets. The second accessible toilet is on the first floor on the landing at the top of the stairs and lift, outside the entrance to the performance hall. Both accessible toilets have grab rails, lowered sinks and emergency cords. We were not able to see or photograph the toilets on the ground floor due to construction at the time but if you need help finding these toilets please ask a staff member.

General Environment

The Pyramid is quite a large community centre and performance venue on two floors, that has many doors to rooms that won’t be used for this event. The decor is neutral white, cream, brown wood and dark grey. There are bright fluorescent lights in the foyer and stairway and in the toilets. The lighting is much softer and more dim in the performance space. The flooring is smooth dark plain lino. The only noticeable patterns are simple geometric patterns created by wooden beams in windows in the foyer and the geometric pattern of the windows and beams on the ceiling of the performance space. The stained glass windows in the performance space are light blue and yellow and give soft lighting during the day.

The venue has no heating and can be cold so it is a good idea to bring warm layers to wear inside.

Performance date: 8th April

  • We recommend turning up 15 minutes before the performance starts so to get to your seat in time
  • You can leave and re-enter the space at any time during the performances
  • Lights will be on before and after each performance, but there will be less lighting and dedicated stage lighting during the performances, but the space will still be bright with some natural light spilling in.
  • Caregivers are more than welcome to attend this event, as well as children.
  • Each performance will involve amplified acoustic instrumentation. It will mostly quiet and mid-volume, but “A” Trio’s performance will have moments that are loud.

Emergency Evacuation

This venue has several emergency exits on both the ground floor and first floor which are marked with lit-up green emergency signage. The staff will guide you to your nearest emergency exit out of the building. If you require step-free evacuation there are two options, the venue has one stay-in-place fire evacuation area on the first floor or you can evacuate via the platform lift to the ground floor. This limits how many wheelchair users or people needing step-free evacuation can safely be evacuated and we require that you contact the venue beforehand to let them know you will be attending the event using the contact section below.

We realise that this is not an adequate level of accessibility for wheelchair users or those needing step-free access to our events at this venue and we are working on improving this.


If there is an access barrier that we have not covered in this document please let us know as we strive to make everyone welcome at our events. We are happy to try and provide solutions to any access barriers that may stop you from attending an event in person if you want to be there. If you would like to contact us for a chat or to share any access requirements please call or email us.

If you would like to discuss any access related concerns or questions you have please contact Counterflows by phone or email.

Phone: 07939607934

If no one answers please… leave a message/email.

To notify the venue that you need to use the platform lift or may need step-free evacuation in the case of emergency, please contact The Pyramid at Anderston by phone or email.

Phone: 0141 226 3277