VENUE — Counterflows 2023

Civic House

26 Civic St, G4 9RH

Civic House building

How to get here

Civic House can be a little tricky to find as it is tucked away on an industrial estate so we advise spending some time planning your route before the event. The surrounding area has an uneven floor in places, roads with no pavements in places and there is often no drop curbs, like right outside the venue by the step-free entrance. There is a path from the subway and main road which is smooth and without curbs but it can be steep and windy in places.


The nearest bus stop is Corn Street. The buses that stop here are 7, 7A, 71A, 72 and 75. The journey from this stop to the venue is 3-4 minutes at a leisurely pace.


The nearest subway station is Cowcaddens. This station is not step-free or wheelchair accessible. It has two flights of stairs or escalators and no lift. The journey from the station is step-free but can be steep and windy in places. The journey from the station to the venue takes around 5 minutes at a leisurely pace.


There is on-street parking directly outside the venue on Civic Street. If you are at the venue and need a staff member to call a taxi for you or help you order a taxi please speak to someone who is described as below in the staff section. We recommend Glasgow Taxis, their phone number is: 0141 429 7070.

Drive: On the A804 use the middle lane to turn right onto Garscube Road/A81, turn right onto Corn Street and turn right onto Civic Street. There is on-street parking directly outside the venue on Civic Street.


This event will be supported by two staff teams, one from the venue and one from Counterflows Festival. Civic House staff wear their own clothes. Counterflows Staff and Volunteers wear black t-shirts with a Counterflows 2023 design on them:

The staff will be scattered around the venue and will be present to assist with opening doors, finding a seat and any other support requests you have. There will also be security on site but they will not be checking bags or IDs.

Building Main Entrance

There are two entrances to Civic House. One entrance is through the red door on the left side of the building, there are four steps up into the building and an additional internal door into the foyer. The doors are a little heavy but they will either be propped open or there will be staff present to open them.

The second entrance is step-free and it is through the small black section of the building on the far left with a large shutter which looks a bit like a garage from the outside.

Second Entrance

Once inside there is a platform lift which takes you to the ground floor of the building. To access the step-free entrance you will need to contact the venue beforehand by email using the contact section below.

Tickets will be checked at the door by a staff member. You can provide either digital tickets on your phone or a paper print out.

Performance Space

When you enter the building through either entrance you will be in a small ground floor foyer with a stairway, sofa, gender neutral cubicle toilets and an accessible toilet. Through the double doors there is a bar and canteen which will be providing alcoholic and soft drinks to purchase, as well as food to purchase at Hang-Out events. Continue straight through the canteen to reach the performance hall.  The main performance hall is a rectangular room with loose seating and a floor level stage.


The seating options available are unpadded chairs with backs and no arms or unpadded wooden benches with no backs.

General Environment

Civic House is an arts and community space with a canteen. This building has two floors, the ground floor is the only step-free floor and the only floor used for this event. The decor is white, black and grey with no patterns other than the flooring in the foyer which is smooth with a pattern of small stones in shades of grey. The rest of the flooring is smooth and plain grey with no pattern. The lighting will be dim, possibly with candles. There is a disco ball in the back right of the canteen which creates small moving reflective lights in this room. The canteen has an open kitchen.


The accessible toilet is in the foyer opposite the stairway. The door is not automated but there will be staff present if you need assistance. The door handle needs to be turned left from the outside to open it. The accessible toilet has grab rails, a lowered sink and an emergency cord. Gender neutral cubicle toilets are also in the foyer, through the door across from the sofa.


Performances: Late night hangouts on Thursday and Friday:

  • You can leave and re-enter the space at any time during the performances. The performances and DJs will be in the performance area.
  • Lights will be on before and after each performance, but there will be less lighting and dedicated stage lighting during the performances.
  • Caregivers are more than welcome to attend this event, but afraid this event will not be suitable for children.
  • Each act and DJ will be performing at a fairly loud volume throughout the event.

Emergency Evacuation

Fire exits are marked with lit-up green emergency signage. Staff will guide you out of the building. The platform lift is for one wheelchair at a time and is 3 steps or around 1.5ft high, therefore several wheelchair users can be evacuated using this exit during an evacuation. If the cause of the evacuation were to be in the same section of the building as the platform lift, this could create a dangerous issue as it is the only wheelchair accessible entrance and exit. We realise that this is not an adequate level of accessibility for wheelchair users or those needing step-free access to our events at this venue and we are working on improving this. Please contact Counterflows through the contact channels below if you would like to discuss this before attending.

The main exit is down four steps and the additional exit at the back of the main performance hall is down eight steps.


If there is an access barrier that we have not covered in this document please let us know as we strive to make everyone welcome at our events. We are happy to try and provide solutions to any access barriers that may stop you from attending an event in person if you want to be there. If you would like to contact us for a chat or to share any access requirements please call or email us.

If you would like to discuss any access related concerns or questions you have please contact Counterflows by phone or email.

Phone: 07939607934
If no one answers please… leave a message

To notify the venue that you need to use the step-free entrance and lift please contact Civic House by email.

For additional information about the building including floor plans and general access information please refer to the venue’s website: