Podcast Ghost Tunes

The Ghost Tunes Podcast – Episode 1 : Finding the words

▴ Manning Park, Fremantle WA credit – Emmie McLuskey

What does it mean to reclaim a lost language? Language revitalisation has been a part of a process of decolonisation in both Scotland and Australia, but the history of a language can be complex and contested. In this first episode of the podcast we hear from four artists from Ghost Tunes who speak minority languages.

How is language tied to landscape? What does it mean to belong to the land? What does it mean to be on someone else’s country? In June 2023 Ghost Tunes brought musicians and writers from across Australia and Scotland together for the first time in Fremantle, Western Australia to discuss language, landscape and culture as part of an artistic residency. In this two part podcast series we follow the artists as they negotiate ideas around identity, ethnicity and contested histories ahead of a one-off live performance.


Voices: Cass Ezeji, Cass Lynch, Theresa Sainty, Josie Vallely and Alasdair Campbell
Podcast Producer: Alannah Chance
Associate Producer: Emmie McLuskey
Music and sound from Cass Ezeji, Theresa Sainty, Josie Vallely, Mei Swan Lim, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey
Thanks to all the artists: Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, Auntie Marie Taylor, Noel Nannup, Bureau of Works, Kat Wilkinson, Creative Scotland, British Council, PS Art Space and the Fremantle Arts Centre, WA