Counterflows 2023


Where will the festival be based?

Most of the venues for the festival this year will be based around the city centre, with a few scattered a little into the west end. If you are coming to the festival we recommend getting accommodation near the city centre. The full festival is walkable on foot, with venues situated closely within each other.

What is access for the festival like?

The full festival will be wheelchair accessible. The full access details for each event are available as a downloadable PDF on the corresponding event page on our website.

We also do 2-for-1 tickets for audience members who require a carer to join them. After you have purchased a ticket, message us on to reserve your free 2nd ticket.

Where do I pick up tickets or festival passes?

Pick up your festival or day pass at the first event you attend at the festival. For individual tickets you will need to pick them up at the door of the corresponding event.

Is there seating at the festival?

All events have a mixture of non-allocated seats and standing area. If you can’t stand for long periods and would like for us to reserve you a seat message us at

What are the age restrictions at the festival?

Event during the afternoon at the festival are all ages, but we are afraid that due to venue licensing laws all evening events are 18+