Olivia Furey

Location: Edinburgh, Ireland/Scotland

Olivia Furey is an Irish performance and sound artist based in Edinburgh. In her performances, Olivia takes on a disruptive and hysterical persona. The persona vocally interacts with her audiences in a challenging and absurd manner. The performances are intense yet delivered with an element of humour.

Being an amateur musician who invents instruments and searches for weird sounds through mundane everyday objects, the best way to describe her music is Cluttercore. Olivia explores assertive noise-making through electric guitar, electronics, and sonic manipulation experiments. The live performances generally hover between an experimental song and a disruptive, performative act.

Olivia graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2019 with an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice, in which she began working on her persona and sound art adventures. Olivia has played festivals such as Tectonics 2021, Supernormal 2019, and Radiophrenia 2019. Along with playing gigs sharing the stage with bands such as Just Mustard and Gross Net