“A” Trio

“A” Trio is the oldest Lebanese free improv group. It was formed in 2002 by Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Sharif Sehnaoui (acoustic guitar), and Raed Yassin (double bass), initially for a single concert at the second edition of the experimental music festival Irtijal. After this concert the three musicians went on to record the first free jazz album to be produced in the arab world (A – La Cédéthèque, 2003). Their music later moved away from its jazz roots towards a more textural approach, relying strongly on prepared & extended techniques for a heavy diversion of their respective instruments. After working together in trio and various other contexts for many years, Kerbaj, Sehnaoui and Yassin reached a characteristic sound that has been fondly described as “textural swing.”

Celebrating their 20th anniversary as a group, the “A” Trio finally come to the UK for Counterflows 2023.