Counterflows Archive

Welcome to the Counterflows Archive – here you can browse our past festivals, and explore the different types of material commissioned or developed with and for Counterflows.

Past Festivals

Counterflows 2023

Now the dust has settled a bit, a resounding thank you to everyone who joined us for Counterflows Festival 2023. Together the artists, audience and staff made a very special space to engage with what took place over the weekend. We’ll be sharing more photos soon, as well as the contents of our Counterflows at […]

Counterflows 2022

Counterflows Festival 2022 emerges from the darkness of the last couple of years, refreshed and excited by the idea of live music. Join us for a programme of live music, discussions, club nights and hanging out, spread across 4 days in some of Glasgow’s most interesting venues.

Counterflows 2021

The 10th edition of Counterflows offers a new way to explore artists’ work.  A temporary online space featuring new works by a host of local and international artists working across sound, film, text, illustration and at new intersections between, all accessible freely at this site from April 1 and throughout the month.