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Counterflows is at Home! In response to the pandemic and our inability to present live music, we have created an autonomous online space where marginal artists from around the world can share all new and exclusive work. Through audio, film, podcasts, documentaries, writing, interviews and more, the online festival offers an in-depth journey into artist’s practice, as well as opening the intersection where music meets politics, society, history, friendships, community and life.

The festival is free and is for everyone. Dive in.

This will be the 10th year of the festival and although 2021 will be a very different year in many ways we are sure that we have encapsulated some of the spirit of the festival in this edition.

As in previous years the festival features a wide array of artists bound together by their questioning spirit and refusal of easy categorisation. Whether born out of the likes of so-called DIY scenes, the internet or geographically remote communities, we believe that the underground belongs to a myriad of voices and is best engaged with when we come together, share ideas, break down borders, challenge hierarchies and push boundaries.

If you have any issues or difficulties throughout the festival please contact: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Counterflows Team

Alasdair Campbell
Fielding Hope
Press & PR
John Stevens
Design & Website
Oliver Pitt & Rectangle
Podcast Production
Alannah Chance & Steve Urquhart
Podcast Sequencing
Sarah Myles
Counterflows On Paper, Editor & Curator
Joel White
Counterflows At Home Tape Production
Gordon Bruce
Live Events Production
Emmie McLuskey

Counterflows Community Interventions

Brian Irvine
Lauren McKormick Foden (Gorbals Youth Brass Band) & Rory Hayes (Glad Foundation)
Project Management
Matilda Strang

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