Update Counterflows 2022

Counterflows at Home 2022

Following on from April’s exhilarating and very welcome live edition of Counterflows, we bring the second edition of our online edition.

After 2021’s success of Counterflows At Home we were encouraged to continue to develop a way to share artist’s work beyond the realm of live performance. With this online edition we hope to provide a portal to a more in-depth engagement with artist’s practices, with films, podcasts, interviews and essays allowing the way in.

With the ongoing pandemic we appreciate that live music isn’t a fully comfortable experience yet for some people, and that many people around the world are unable to attend, so hopefully Counterflows At Home provides a glimpse that is reflective in some way of the spirit of the festival itself.

This year Counterflows At Home pivots around the wonderful film made by Duncan Marquiss and Kimberley O’Neil as they follow the endeavours of Tom Mudd and The Gorbals Youth Brass Band, exploring the synthetic brass creations of Tom’s practice and the natural brass sounds of the band. We also have 2 new podcasts produced by Alannah Chance, including a podcast created the group [Ahmed] and Black Audio Film Collective member Edward George exploring the complex legacy of jazz bassist/oud player Ahmed Abddul Malik, and a deep dive into Roy Clair Potters beguiling collaboration with South Korean artists Park Jiha. Since the acclaimed first podcast in the 2021 edition of Counterflows at Home, Edward George continues his explorations of Kuduro, with part 2 and 3 of Kuduro: Electronic Music of Angola. On top of this we have a slew of interviews between artists playing the festival, and all the published content as part of our Counterflows on Paper zine, edited by Joel White. Many thanks to everyone involved, Alasdair and Fielding.