Susie Ibarra

Location: USA
Woman in blue cap next to a fast flowing stream

Susie Ibarra is a Filipinx composer, percussionist, and sound artist. She creates immersive experiences through sound to invite people to connect to their natural and built environments. Susie is a 2020 National Geographic Explorer Storyteller, a 2019 Doris Duke United States Artist Fellow in Music, Senior TED Fellow and 2019 Asian Cultural Council Research Fellow in working to preservation and support Indigenous music and culture, Musika Katatubo, in the Philippines, and sound recording climate change with recordings of water rhythms from glacier melt in the Himalayas. Recent commissions include new release of a composer portrait album with her trio Talking Gong 2021 New Focus Recordings, Pulsation for Kronos String Quartet’s 50 for the Future Feb 2020, and a performance game piece Fragility Etudes which examines polyrhythms and interdependence through the structure of Fragility in glass physics for Asia Society Triennial 2021. Upcoming albums include Walking on Water, a collaboration with visual artist /painter Makoto Fujimura and her band DreamTime Ensemble distributed on Innova Records and Culture Care Creative Inc 2021, and duet with Tashi Dorji, on Astral Spirits 2021.


Water Rhythms – Listening To Climate Change

This project is an ongoing exploration of the sounds of ice and water as they change through climate change. Susie Ibarra, who performed at Counterflows 2018 and Dr Michele Koppes have created a podcast for Counterflows At Home which examines their findings so far with the amazing sounds of water and melting ice as it travels through communities and landscapes in different parts of the world. Read more
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Live Events:

Q&A Susie Ibarra & Michele Koppes with Claire Sawers