Petronn Sphene

Also known as Urocerus Gigas of the xenofeminist rock duo Guttersnipe, Petronn Sphene inhabits a style called »no-wave rave.« In 2019, the artist released A Damsel Causing Distress, a short-circuiting cyberattack on the CPU in your skull. Radically queer in form and content, the album was recorded live without overdubs using a Akai MPC1000 and Korg Minilogue. Petronn Sphene has also guested on three tracks by Mariam Rezaei for her second album, Skeen, released by London cassette label Fractal Meat Cuts in 2020.

“Like all of the Rotterdam Gabber records playing at the same time” – Michiel Klein/SWEAT TONGUE

“Timeless sonic witchcraft connecting pagan eternal spirit with mind altering electronic music, adopting a hard gaan aesthetics with The Drugs as a communication method for altered ADHD full blast personal wisdom projected straight into the soul, transcendent intellectual intensity. Think psychedelic time warped gabber and power new age.”  – Manuel Padding/CITY HANDS