Edward George

Location: UK

Edward George is a writer and broadcaster. Founder of Black Audio Film Collective, George wrote and presented the ground-breaking science fiction documentary Last Angel of History (1996). George is part of the multimedia duo Flow Motion, and the electronic music group Hallucinator. He and hosts Sound of Music (Threads Radio), Kuduro – Electronic Music of Angola (Counterflows). George’s series The Strangeness of Dub (Morley Radio) dives into reggae, dub, versions and versioning, drawing on critical theory, social history, and a deep and a wide cross-genre musical selection. Edward George lives and works in London.


Kuduro – Electronic Music From Angola

Weaving together Angola’s political & social histories with investigations into the country’s popular music, folk music and dance styles, artist and cultural commentator Edward George presents an all new podcast dedicated to Electronic Music From Angola. Read more
Music Podcast


[Ahmed] & Edward George

13:00 Community Central Halls

Edward George



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