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Counterflows 2021

Zine & Tape

Counterflows on Paper is a collection of specially commissioned pieces spanning text, poetry, illustration and comics, collated into a limited edition Zine. Spanning a wild range of topics across its 30 pages, the Zine was edited by Joel White, designed by Oliver Pitt and printed and bound in Glasgow by Good Press. The Zine also comes with the option to include an accompanying cassette tape compilation, featuring excerpts from Counterflows 2021 artists and contributors to the Zine.

UK for £5
International for £10

Counterflows 2021


Counterflows has always been about a lot more than a series of concerts. With this online edition we have been able to consider opening up discussions that we have always been involved in but in a more constructive way. Counterflows On Paper offers writers and illustrators space to express ideas and to open up a dialogue about the many things that concern the Counterflows’ audience and beyond.

UK for £3
International for £7

Counterflows 2021


Cassette tapes are a curious form. Personally I love them. They’re not easy to use. You can’t easily skip tracks and they have a lovely hum and click as you press play. Gordon Bruce of Glarc has produced the Counterflows At Home Tape bringing together 17 artists from the festival with spoken word, field recordings, song, sound and lots more thrown in.

UK for £2
International for £5


Things that happen every year in a cycle

An almanac of Scottish traditions, seasonality, nature and cycling. A wire bound 80 page zine with space for you to observe your own traditions, rhythms and important dates.Observations and collections of Scottish traditions, nature facts, what veg is in season, musings, stories, images, poems. An exploration of how folk culture and the structure of the year influence us.

100 copies available. Orders will be posted on a weekly basis so please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

UK for £10
International for £15


Zine Commissioned pieces:

  • Helen Charman
  • Hussein Mitha
  • Timothea Armour
  • Food People
  • Katie Stone
  • Sing Yun Lee
  • layla-roxanne hill
  • Kieran Curran
  • Nat Raha

Zine Illustrations and comics:

  • Malcy Duff
  • Timothea Armour
  • Mazen Kerbaj
  • Nkem Okwechime
  • Tricia Mercer-David
  • Chris Manson
  • Al White


  • Nat raha
  • Timothea Armour
  • Helen
  • Katie Stone & Sing Yun Lee
  • layla-roxanne hill
  • Kieran Curran
  • Food People
  • Malcy Duff
  • Annea Lockwood
  • Mazen Kerbaj
  • Quinie
  • Thefuries
  • Nakul Krishnamurthy & Nrithya Pillai (
  • Soft Tissue
  • Serafine 1369 & Young Nettle
  • Helena Celle
  • Yan Jun

Counterflows 2021 Tape & Zine

for £5

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