We are happy to introduce the artists involved in the project, from Scotland and Australia.

Mei Swan Lim (Australia)

Mei Swan Lim is a practicing sound designer and visual artist whose work centres on the environmental, emotional and spiritual importance of place, inter-cultural investigation and storytelling. She is also an electronic musician who has been performing and writing under the name Mei Saraswati since 2010. Read more

Cass Lynch (Boorloo/Perth, Australia)

Cass Lynch is a writer and researcher living in Boorloo/Perth, Western Australia. She has recently completed a creative writing PhD that explores deep memory features of the Noongar oral storytelling tradition; in particular stories that reference the last ice age and the rise in sea level that followed it. Read more

Madeleine Flynn + Tim Humphrey (Australia)

Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey are Australian artists who create unexpected situations for listening. Their work is driven by a curiosity and questioning about sound in human culture and seeks to evolve and engage with new processes and audiences, through public and participative interventions. Read more

Cass Ezeji (Scotland)

Cass Ezeji is a singer and performer of critically-acclaimed bands Laps and Golden Teacher. She is interested in Scotland’s role in colonialism and its erasure from our national psyche. Her essays and prose reinsert black and mixed-race narratives into the Scottish context and call for accountability. Read more

Josie Vallely (Scotland)

Quinie, aka Josie Vallely, is based in Glasgow. She sings primarily in Scots, with a style inspired by the traditions of Scottish Traveller singers Lizzie Higgins (1929-1993) and her mother Jeannie Robertson (1908 –1975). Read more