Live Events

Although we decided a while ago that we wanted to approach this online version of Counterflows a little differently and not present live streaming of performance, we have decided that offering talks or Q&A sessions live would be a good way to open up discussion and also have some connection to the artists involved. The talk series will present lively discussions between artists, as hosted by various guests including ourselves.

Past Events

Live Event — 23 April 19:30

Q&A Soft Tissue with Fielding Hope

Soft Tissue - the Glasgow-based duo of Simon Weins and Feronia Wennborg - will join Counterflows co-curator Fielding Hope to discuss a selection of music that have stimulated the duo in their journey across their joint creative endeavours. Read more

Live Event — 16 April 19:30

Q&A Susie Ibarra & Michele Koppes with Claire Sawers

Percussionist, composer and artist Susie Ibarra - who treated us to a thunderous solo drum set at Counterflows Festival 2018 – and Dr Michele Koppes – climate scientist, glacialologist and geographer - will discuss their project “Water Rhythms: Listening to Climate Change”, which will be shared as part of Counterflows at Home. Read more
Woman with cap on standing in front of shielded microphone

Live Event — 9 April 19:30

Q&A Quinie & Roshni Gallagher with Alasdair Campbell

Join director of Counterflows Alasdair Campbell in discussion with Quinie (Josie Vallely) about her 2021 commission for the festival. As part of the event Josie will be sharing with us a screening of a short film of her piece 'Thyme Piobaireachd', which was commissioned by Cafe Oto’s Takuroku Label. Read more

Live Event — 1 April 19:30

Q&A Annea Lockwood & Sam Green with Kate Molleson

We are really pleased to launch Counterflows At Home with the first of live event discussions, introducing our Featured Artist for our 10th edition of the festival, Annea Lockwood. Annea will be joined by film maker Sam Green, the director behind the beautifully intimate documentary 'Annea Lockwood - A Film About Listening', which makes its world debut screening at the festival. Read more


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