INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2022

In Conversation: Petronn Sphene and Sunik Kim

Petronn Sphene and Sunik Kim both performed amazing sets at Counterflows 2022, spilling their overflowing, amorphous sounds off the Glue Factory walls on the Friday and Saturday nights of the festival. Read more

INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2022

In Conversation: Brighde Chaimbeul, Vasco Alves and Alasdair Campbell

At Counterflows 2022's opening night we brought together a series of projects combining artists from different musical backgrounds and approaches to their work. After a series of zoom meetings, Brighde Chaimbeul and Vasco Alves came together for two days of rehearsal and exploration of their two different approaches to the pipes in Glasgow. Read more

INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2021

Nakul Krishnamurthy in conversation with Khyam Allami

Nakul Krishnamurthy and Khyam Allami discuss the intercracies of tunings and the construction and methods behind non-western modes of music as well as Nakul's commission for Counterflows At Home. Khyam Allami is an Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, researcher and founder of Nawa Recordings. Read more

INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2021

Conversation with Dr. Davesh Soneji – Lal̩itam Varn̩n̩am Asuram

Dr. Davesh Soneji is an Associate Professor of South Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, who is trained as a historian of religion. His work focusses on the history of interface between religion, performance, and forms of cultural nationalism that developed in India in the late 19th century to the middle of 20th century. Read more

INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2021

Conversation with Pushpavathy – Lal̩itam Varn̩n̩am Asuram

Pushpavathy is a singer and songwriter from Kerala who has been associated with Carnatic music for over 34 years. Apart from being a successful playback singer in Malayalam movie industry, she composes, releases, and performs her own music that talk about the plight of marginalised communities in an attempt to create wider awareness around the issues they face in contemporary India. Read more

INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2021

Yan Jun with Edward Sanderson

An interview with Yan Jun, by Edward Sanderson, exploring the making of the podcast for Counterflows At Home, “It's Not Music”, and Yan’s relationship with Beijing's underground music and art scenes. Read more

INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2021

Helena Celle by Stewart Smith

Helena Celle is the electronic music alter-ego of Kay Logan, who has emerged as one of the most exciting talents and deepest thinkers on the Scottish music scene. The first Helena Celle album was released on Night School in 2016 and she recently followed it with Copy Music, a collection of oddball rhythmic bangers. Read more

INTERVIEW – Counterflows 2021

Mazen Kerbaj by Mazen Kerbaj

A video interview with Mazen Kerbaj, by Mazen Kerbaj. In keeping with Mazen's approach to his whole commission for Couterflows At Home, 'Mazen Kerbaj - The Musical', Mazen has produced a novel and creative interpretation of the idea of an interview. Read more