Counterflows 2022

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Full Festival Pass

Pay what you can

Pay what you can: anything from £1–49, no questions asked. These tickets are limited & reserved for people who are unwaged or on low income, and cannot afford the full festival price.

Full Festival Pass



Full Festival Pass


By purchasing this you are helping us afford to do pay what you can tickets, allowing people to come to the festival who couldn’t otherwise.


We aim to keep our activities as open, inclusive, accessible and fun as possible, confronting the often exclusionary and market-driven nature of the music industry. We look to build a non-hierarchal social space to engage with artists’ work, as well as explore their connections to culture, politics, community and activism.

Following on the success of our digital festival Counterflows At Home 2021, we will continue to develop our online platform for the festival, presenting in-depth & thought-provoking digital content alongside the live in-person events.

Covid Discloure: Counterflows will ensure that the spaces that we use for the festival are safe for all. We will ensure that we adhere to any restrictions that maybe in place. Counterflows will make available masks and hand sanitiser at all venues and also ask the audience to follow advice about testing and respect social space. We want to make sure we can enjoy live music but also are aware and sensitive to the circumstances of our present times. Be safe and enjoy.