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Blog Post – Ghost Tunes

Ghost Tunes – The Big Reveal

"I feel People are like, Oh you have Gaelic" - Tawana Maramba in Afro/Gael by Cass Ezeji for BBC Alba. So on 28th October we reconvened for our second Ghost Tune's gathering. The idea for this meeting was that all artists would share a work or some aspects of their own practice with everyone. Read more

Blog Post – Ghost Tunes

Ghost Tunes – In the beginning

Landscape 1. It is so great to get Ghost Tunes started. Since I went out to Australia in January 2019 Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, who looked after me on my month expedition, have been talking about how to work together on a project exploring ideas around our mutual interests in sound, landscape, language and knowledge. Read more