9 June 2022

Counterflows at Home 2022

Following on from April’s exhilarating and very welcome live edition of Counterflows, we bring the second edition of our online edition. After 2021’s success of Counterflows At Home we were encouraged to continue to develop a way to share artist’s work beyond the realm of live performance. With this online edition we hope to provide […] Read more

6 April 2022

Thank You

Four days on from Counterflows Festival 2022 and we are still trying to process such an overwhelming and incredible weekend with you all. With the festival we wanted to create a social space for music and culture to thrive in; a space that people journey through and experience collectively. Read more

5 April 2022

Music Space Bursary artists: Eyve and Mawaddah

We are delighted to announce the two recipients for the Music Space Bursary Programme: Eyve and Mawaddah. Over the next year Counterflows will work with Eyve and Mawaddah to shape a programme that is individually tailored to them with a focus on developing creative and professional practice. Read more

23 February 2022

Programme Launched

We are so excited and a little relieved to announce the full Counterflows’ programme for 2022. It has been such an odd and difficult two years wondering when we’ll actually experience live music performance again. Read more

12 November 2021

Counterflows 2022

Counterflows Festival 2022 emerges from the darkness of the last couple of years, refreshed and excited by the idea of live music. We are ready to gather and be stimulated by ideas; to engage with an elixir of marginal and experimental sounds from Scotland and around the world. Read more

16 August 2021

Ghost Tunes

Really excited to announce this new project developed in collaboration with Counterflows' friends and colleagues Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. After months of chatting through ideas around language, landscape and the impact on our cultures of these fundamental elements Ghost Tunes emerged. Read more

Counterflows 2021 — 1 May 2021

Thank You

Since the cancellation of the 2020 edition of Counterflows we have puzzled over what we could possibly deliver for our 10th edition of the festival "Counterflows At Home April 2021". How could Counterflows be realised without performance or gathering together? Read more

Counterflows 2021 — 20 April 2021

Nakul Krishnamurthy interview with Khyam Allami

Please to announce this very special interview between two fascinating musicians discussing at length the inner workings of their art, taking in: non-western tunings, Nakul’s new commission, experimentation and tradition as compatible creative forces for musicians working outside the established hierarchies of western contemporary music and a whole lot more. Read more

Counterflows 2021 — 11 April 2021

Launch of “Water Rhythms” podcast and more

So that is a week down for Counterflows At Home and the response has been amazing! Just a few things to announce for the week beginning12th April. Susie Ibarra & Michele Koppes' sumptuous and timely podcast "Water Rhythms - Listening to Climate Change" will become live on Monday the 12th followed by a talk hosted with Claire Sawers exploring their thoughts on water, rhythm and the affects on communities of climate change on Friday 16th at 7.30pm. Read more

Counterflows 2021 Tape & Zine

Past Live Events